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Organ Symphony – Master Series 1

6 Apr - 7 Apr
@ Adelaide Town Hall
Organ Symphony – Master Series 1

What is the nature of Love?

For Wagner, it is something almost holy. Join the pilgrims who walk through the dreamlike world of the Tannhäuser Overture
and witness a miraculous musical marriage of sensuality and reverence.

Bernstein’s Serenade is an Ancient Greek dinner party in concerto form. James Ehnes uses his violin to portray a variety of guests, philosophers all, each with a witty or stirring ode to Eros. The last one is a jazz-loving gate-crasher!

Saint-Saëns’s Third Symphony takes us on a journey to the blazing sunlight of one of music’s most glorious finales. You will be moved – literally – when the last chord is reached and the Town Hall organ’s 32-foot low C pipe shakes the floorboards!