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my parents met at the fish market

4 Oct - 15 Nov
my parents met at the fish market

Plunge into the psyche of rising Australian artist Jason Phu in the gallery-wide installation my parents met at the fish market. This new iteration of the work, originally commissioned by West Space, showcases the breadth and depth of the artist’s ability to navigate his Chinese/Vietnamese cultural upbringing, family and nostalgia, across five distinct spaces.

Comprising large-scale murals and all-consuming sculptures, Phu’s installation blurs the line between the real and spiritual worlds, flickers of memories, and vivid psychological states.

Phu is Sulman Prize-winning artist, Ramsay Prize finalist, and will appear in the MCA’s Primavera 2018: Young Australian Artists. Equal parts intimate and irreverent, my parents met at the fish market brings Phu’s skill in combining autobiography, mythology and materiality into sharp and unwavering focus.