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20 Jul - 5 Aug
@ Space Theatre

By August Strindberg, a new version by Duncan Graham We all owe debts, we all hold people in credit. What happens when those debts are called due?

An artist Adolph and his novelist partner Tekla are on a luxury retreat when he intersects by chance with Gustav, a mysterious older man. Gustav seems to know the inner workings of Adolph’s heart and mind better than the younger man himself. With Tekla’s return imminent Adolph must decide whether Gustav is the good Samaritan he appears to be or whether his generosity hides a more sinister agenda. As the pressure builds, devastating secrets are revealed that will change the course of all three lives forever, and make clear just who is in debt to whom.

Duncan Graham’s twisting new version of August Strindberg’s classic emotional thriller is a pot boiler up there with the best of them. Directed by David Mealor (Buried Child, The Dark Room) and starring Caroline Craig, it will keep you guessing right to the end.