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Close Quarters: Earth Hour with the ASQ

24 Mar
@ South Australian Museum
Close Quarters: Earth Hour with the ASQ

To celebrate Earth Hour 2018, two South Australian institutions have teamed up to help aid the plight of the planet by co-presenting an environmentally low-impact evening of high-impact music. The Australian String Quartet (ASQ) and the South Australian Museum, with guidance from Carbon Neutral Adelaide, have put together a list of guidelines for the event which includes cutting out all non-essential electricity, a paperless marketing and operations strategy, paperless entry, sustainable catering, and zero-emission transport to-and-from the venue.

Close Quarters: Earth Hour will take place during Earth Hour where the South Australian Museum, along with over 6 million fellow Australians, will turn off their lights as a symbol of support to protect our planet for future generations.

Close Quarters: Earth Hour is part of the ASQ’s mission to break down the barriers of classical music, presenting music new and old in casual, intimate settings, at prices comparable to a night at the movies. The concerts, 60 minutes in length, provide the flexibility for music-lovers of all kinds to include an exquisite music experience into their nightly activities.